“I hope my work shows the
relationship and beauty that I see
in the passage of time and its effects
on the environment around us.”

Stephanie Lawrence is a visual artist noted for her mixed media paintings reflecting the urban landscape. She is also an accomplished printmaker, often building her paintings on detailed monoprints.

Born in Baltimore, MD, Stephanie recreates the layers of color and texture in city walls, walkways, billboards, graffiti, and other fragments of the aging environment that have surrounded and influenced her from a young age. Her work is fueled by a life lived in and near major cities, as well as international study tours where she documents modern urban centers and ancient ruins.

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland in 1966 and was a founding member of the Artists’ Cooperative in Portland, Oregon. She also studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and Universidad Católica de Chile.